Fostering is a tremendously rewarding experience. Volunteer foster parents provide temporary homes for Pet Harbor pets. Pet Harbor operates solely with a network of foster homes. The more foster homes we have, the more lives we can save. Shelters call us to take Siberian Huskies and cats when they’re on death row. If we don’t have foster space, they have to die. Foster homes are precious and few. Some folks don’t like to foster because they believe it is difficult to give up the pets they foster. It really should be a GREAT thing because you know that dog or cat is going to a good home and you can foster another so Pet Harbor can save another life!

How does fostering work? You have to fill out a bunch of paperwork. Don’t let it scare you. We’re flexible, just have to follow the rules of the state in which we operate. Pet Harbor pays for all medical care at our veterinarians and provides food to feed the pet when we have food donated. Other needed supplies we furnish as well. The foster family gives the pet love, a home, a safe haven, and a family until they get adopted. They bring the fosteree somewhere else to meet potential adopters. Adopters would not come to the homes of the foster families. We work with you to make sure the foster pets fit in your household.

There are many benefits to the foster family as well. The idea that you contributed a HUGE piece of saving an animal’s life is very gratifying. It’s a wonderful thing to teach giving to children in foster families. Foster parents are also a Siberian Husky’s or cat’s best marketing team! They provide all sorts of information about their fosterees’ personalities and dispositions. This information, along with stories and anecdotes about the pet, will be showcased on Pet Harbor’s website for potential adopters to see.

To learn more about our fostering program, please email us at