Friday Cuteness Overload!

Submitted by Dina M.



This is Sky. She is 5 years old and is a Pet Harbor alumni. Sky adopted us about 3 months ago.  She came from a shelter in Montgomery County and she is as sweet at pie. Such a love.  All she wants to do is make everyone happy and she does just that. She loves to go on long hikes and  loves the dog park.  If we don’t go one day, she spends the day giving us dirty looks. Quite a social butterfly.  Oh, and the stuffed husky is her baby. She bathes it everyday and treats it with such love 🙂

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Advice from a Wolf: “Trust your instincts. Be at home in nature. Keep your den clean. Stand fur what you believe. Howl with your friends. Be a leader. Pack life with good memories!”
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