Getting to Know You

Some of our volunteers know each other.  A lot of our volunteers do not.  Some assist at adoption events, while others transport or do home visits.  Others groom dogs or donate or play Santa for holiday photos.  Some blog  :-\. 

Regardless of what kind of Pet Harbor volunteer you are, have been or want to be, take a minute to introduce yourself below.  In the comments section, tell us your name, what pets you have, how long you’ve volunteered and any hobbies or other info you’d like to share.

Pet Harbor's Elvira & Joey (now Devi & Noah)

Pet Harbor's Elvira & Joey (now Devi & Noah)

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13 Responses to Getting to Know You

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  2. Steve Stevenson says:

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  3. Debbie S says:

    I’m Debbie S, Director of Volunteers with Pet Harbor. I’ve been involved with Pet Harbor every since my first husky had to be put to sleep because of a heart tumore, and I was ready to find another great husky — which I found at Montgomery County Humane Society (where Sonja is). His name was Sinatra, but he is now Bandit. But I first looked at Pet Harbor, and got hooked on Pet Harbor. That’s been about 5 years now. I fostered R.E.D., who just got adopted this weekend. I did the home visit, because I had pretty tough standards for the home he could go to (which included visitation rights when Paula comes)!

    My other furry baby is Roxie, the Rottie. Although I pretend I’m in charge of the house, Bandit knows that Roxie is the queen of the household.

    I work for Dept of Agriculture, and became eligible to retire this year. I won’t go yet because I know they can’t fire me, and it is such a great feeling! I can be a stinker, and they just need to deal with it. Shame on me!

    Pet Harbor volunteers mean the world to me — they are all like family, and I love them dearly. My roots are in Oklahoma, where even my mother knows Pet Harbor, as does everyone in her small town because she takes the PH newsletter all over town to show off our great animals. Gotta love small town Oklahoma!

  4. Monica L. Kennedy says:

    I’m Monica. My previous experience with rescuing was with ferrets. I had four of my own and fostered two. That’s eerily similar to my situation now. I have four of my own cats: Noah, Biff, Wewt, and Dune. I’m really a dog person, but you’d never know it by the way I spoil my kitties.

    I am a board member. My duties there include handling OTI (owner-turn-in) calls and publicity director. I ensure our dogs and cats get exposure in the FLS every week. I’m also the foster home for Martini and Hagis. I used to attend every PetsMart event until my husband got a job in retail and works weekends, so now I have to stay home with my kid. He’s not old enough to volunteer (yet!). I assist with transports when I can.

  5. Jeremy DiMaio says:

    Hi All-

    Great to see everyone on here! I’m Jeremy DiMaio and have been a PH volunteer for about three years. I’m privileged enough to serve on our Board of Directors and have the honor of also leading our volunteer recruitment efforts. I also have the dubious distinction of “visiting” the most remote parts of Virginia and West Virginia to transport huskies from backwoods shelters to the safekeeping of PH.

    I have two dogs of my own– a 3 year old Chi X Terrier mix named Bongo and a 2 year old mini Australian shepherd named Digby. Much to the surprise of all of the world, I also have a 1 year old daughter named Kaia; even more surprising is that such a cute kid came from my DNA.

    In real life, I work as a Human Resources Consultant/Technical Recruiter. I currently live in Fredericksburg, but will be moving closer to Charlottesville in the coming weeks.

    Looking forward to hearing more from our great volunteers!


  6. Karen says:

    Hi there….I’m Karen – fairly new Board Member (since June), application processor (LOVE IT!), and proud mama to Willi the Miracle Cat and PH’s Bear and Lucy (formerally Behr and Polli). You may have seen my husky children in the newsletter under the section with examples of distructive dogs. Let’s just say they are helpful in the creative redecorating department. I adore them and they make me laugh out loud at their antics every night after work when they are in crazy mode. I live in Richmond and have a bit of a crazy work schedule so I almost never make it up to Fredericksburg for events. But I’m with you in spirt and hopefully in person again one day soon! Thanks to everyone for all you do for my babies and others like them!

  7. Glenn and Debbie T says:

    Just got back from Boston last night, Paula hope you enjoyed all the snow up there. Debbie T and I came to Pet Harbor about a year ago as volunteers after we visited Sarah and expand our pack by one with Anita (now Mika). We really appreciated what Pet Harbor accomplishes for the Siberian breed that we wanted to help. We have conducted evaluations, home visits and transports. Debbie also volunteers with bats … yes, bats and no we do not have any. Here is there website if you want to check it out
    We live in Falls Church, VA with our 2 Sibes, Shadow and Mika. I work for the DOD and Debbie works for the FDA. In my spare time I enjoy playing sports and taking the team for a run. We also frequent the dog park on weekends where there are a several other sibes.

  8. Brandi says:

    Hey all!! I am Brandi, founding board member and Treasurer and Sarah’s daughter (no Carl is not my father!). I have been here with Pet Harbor since, well before Pet Harbor actually existed! I have 2 cats, Timberland & Puma, 1 dog, Kirzinger, a ferret and 3 snakes. Also a boyfriend with a dog and a cat… I think I’ll hang around this rescue thing for awhile I enjoy knowing that I have helped even one animal!

  9. Terra says:

    Oh, yeah… I also forgot to mention that I have a fish named Gilley. A betta. He’s my little work buddy. 🙂

  10. Sonja says:

    Hi there! I am a long-distance volunteer–I live in MD, so don’t have much hands on at events and such, but, I do hold the esteemed position of Thank You Card Sender for Pet Harbor. I am also a former board member and the Montgomery County, MD Pet Harbor representative.

    I am involved in rescue work with other organizations, as well. I am on the Board of Directors of Roxie’s Fund, an all breed dog rescue, and I also run a reptile rescue through them. In addition, I work part time at the Montgomery County Humane Society as a dog evaluator.

    In real life, I work in vaccine development at NIH.

    My pet family includes 3 dogs, countless reptiles, a dozen parrots, and some fish.


  11. Paula Fitzemeyer says:

    Greetings from Massachusetts – I don’t know many of you but I have met several at adoption events while living in Woodbridge. Most of you know me as the Home Visit Coordinator that doesn’t always make the details of the visit clear. Not my fault – I learned everything I know about h/v from a certain fearless leader. I’m hoping to visit VA. again sometime this year and will make it a point to be there on a Massaponax weekend. I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can and especially give a hug to my good friend Debbie S.

  12. Sarah says:

    Let me first amend Terra’s introduction. She’s not a typical cat person. Besides, she’s also transported a dog house and maybe a dog or two for us, even though Boy Kitty & Girl Kitty held picket signs. Terra has been with us for quite a long time.

    Now that I said that, I’m leaving this introduction under Terra coercion. So you said name, pets, length of volunteering, hobbies, and any other info. Name – Sarah. Pets – one inherited 11yo tabby, Cleocatra; dogs – 13yo Siberian Husky mix, Forrest Gump; 5yo Great Pyrenees, Percheron; 4yo Labradoodle, Smokey; Sesi & Nevada, 2yo Beagle mixes; one 50+yo arguing buddy who is still in training, Carl; and several non-furred pets. Length of volunteering is 4 score & 20 years ago. Okay. Since before inception. Hobbies? HAHAH Who has time for hobbies? Pet Harbor IS my hobby. What else do you want to know?

  13. Terra says:

    Hi, everybody! I will get this thing started. My name is Terra. I’ve been to a few adoption events in the past. The people who know me know that I’m a cat person. (Sorry, folks.) I was first introduced to Pet Harbor more than 5 years ago and I’ve been a backseat volunteer ever since – mailing birthday cards or doing the occasional home visit, etc. I work for a gov’t contractor in Lorton, live in the Woodbridge area with my 2 cats – Boy Kitty and Girl Kitty – and I rescue kittens from a high kill shelter in my spare time.

    To both the volunteers I know and those I don’t, please don’t be shy… Post your own introduction!