Microchip Reunites Missing Cat & Owner Years Later

A Florida woman lost her cat 2 years ago during the holidays.  She never lost hope that she would one day be reunited with her Himalayan, Fluff.  And thanks to a microchip, this story has a very happy ending.

A supervisor at Hillsborough County Animal Services said a woman turned Fluff in recently, claiming she only had the cat for the last few weeks and was unable to care for the animal anymore.

Animal services supervisor Melvin Dean said a microchip implanted in Fluff provided information regarding the cat’s true owner and the long-awaited reunion between human and feline took place.

“I have been here for 17 years. This chip literally has brought dozens of pets and their owners back together. There have been a lot of happy reunions that I have seen,” Dean told WFTS.

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