Starved, Neglected Huskies Rescued from Breeding Facility

Acting on a tip, animal control went to a sled-dog breeding facility in Colorado.  There they found approximately 100 starving huskies and husky-mixes.  Eight were already dead. 

Mary Steinbeiser, regional shelter manager, said that on a weight scale of zero to 10 with zero being dead and 10 being obese, these dogs were probably about a one.

“It looked like no one had been there to feed and water them for quite some time,” Steinbeiser said. “The conditions were horrible. They found empty dog food bags with bodies in them.”

The worst part is that this was not the first time animal control had been called to this facility.

Animal control officers said they had been called to the property before and records show that the owners were issued “notices of warning” by the state on cruelty to animal violations in 2004 and 2006.

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