Clementine’s Munchies

Clementine’s Munchies is inspired by Clementines true life Cinderella story. Clementine began life as a chained, neglected, and very sick pup. Her original owners were mistreating her & failed to get her the medical attention she desperately needed for her Demodex Mange. A neighbor, who noticed her horrendous condition, pleaded with her owners to help Clementine but they refused. One day when the neighbor returned home from work, she found Clementine tethered to her front porch. She immediately rushed Clementine to the emergency vet where she began receiving urgent medical care that was long overdue. Ring Dog Rescue, a Richmond VA bully breed rescue, stepped in & welcomed Clementine into their hearts & into their program where she spent the next year fighting for her life. Eventually her foster mom, who realized she could not let a day go by without Clementine by her side, adopted her. She now lives a happy, healthy, & itch free life!


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