Halloween & your Pet

Halloween is that special time of year where we can dress up and pretend and get goodies for the effort. While your pets may enjoy this holiday as well please remember the safety and comfort of the animal first.

  • Candy is not for your companion animals. It can make them sick and even cause death. Chocolate is the most famous offender but there are ingredients in candy that are not safe for pets. Sorbitol, Malitol, and other artificial sweeteners can cause serious problems. Don’t leave your pet out of the fun – just make sure their treats are PET FRIENDLY and healthy snacks for them!


  • Jack o’ Lanterns and lit candles can pose a risk to pets. Curious cats or the wag of a Husky tail can cause serious injury to your pet and property. Please keep live flames out of pets reach.


  • Decorations are shiny and interesting new toys for pets. They want to investigate everything. Make sure that your pets are safe when it comes to holiday decorations. Fake spider webbing can be especially dangerous if your pet has to “taste” everything in the house. It could cause a blockage and result in hefty vet bill or even death.


  • Playing dress up with the pets can be a lot of fun, just remember their comfort comes first. Avoid costumes that block its vision. Make sure the costume fits snugly but not constricting. Do not force your pet to wear a costume if they show discomfort. I have found that pull over costumes for children work best – or costumes that are made specifically for pets.
  • While most enjoy the time to dress up and have fun there are some people with malicious intent. Many animals disappear during this holiday – keep your pets safe! Be especially watchful of black cats, who which are frequent targets of cruel activities on Halloween. Try to keep black cats inside for the week of Halloween. Many animal shelters make black cats unavailable for adoption the week before Halloween because of black cat abuse.
  • Loud noises and treaters at the door can cause stress on any animal. Even the gentlest giant can become snippy when the doorbell is constantly going off or you have a house full of noisy guests. I can’t stress enough that the pets comfort is paramount. Put them in your bedroom, or in their room for the evening if you even think it might be an issue.

Hope you have a safe and fun

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