Transporters NEEDED NC to DC/NJ

** Please drive a leg if you can and forward and cross-post  \to other potential drivers.  Thanks. **


This is a one-day SUNDAY transport for4 dogs who have been in boarding and foster in NC for a while.  One is going to an approved adopter in Washington, DC.  The other 3 are going to a rescue in NJ.  See Passenger section for dog descriptions, sending, and receiving details.  


Drivers will need to provide your own crate(s) and/or tether the dogs securely in your vehicles.   Dogs will have their own leashes.


Please send your driver info, unless you have driven for me in the last month, and nothing has changed.

Transport leg (# and cities):
How many of these dogs can you carry?
Hometown (City/State):
Vehicle description (color/make/model):  

Transport Coordinator & Monitor:
Doris Godwin, 678-468-2524,


Sunday, 2/23


Leg 1a:   Wilmington to Durham, NC (Winston)

Arrive by 9:30 am

FILLED thru Ava Whalen


Leg 1b:  local to Durham (Buddy, Archie, & Claire)

Arrive by 9:30 am

FILLED by Laura Roberts


Leg 2:  Durham, NC to South Hill, VA

9:30/9:45 – 10:55 am

70 miles; 1 hour 10 minutes



Leg 3:   South Hill to Richmond, VA

10:55/11:10 am – 12:30 pm

80 miles; 1 hour 20 minutes

FILLED by Nancy B.


Leg 4:   Richmond to Newington, VA

12:30/12:45 – 2:05 pm

80 miles; 1 hour 20 minutes



End of transport for Winston

Arrive by 2 pm

PICKED UP by Adopter


Leg 5:  Newington, VA to Baltimore, MD

2:05/2:20 – 3:20 pm

50 miles; 1 hour

NEEDED x 1 or 2


Leg 6:  Baltimore, MD to Newark, DE

3:20/3:35 – 4:45 pm

70 miles; 1 hour 10 minutes

NEEDED x 1 or 2

Leg 7:  Newark, DE to Mt Holly, NJ

4:45/5 – 6 pm

55 miles; 1 hour

NEEDED x 1 or 2


End of transport for Buddy, Archie, & Claire

Arrive by 5:45 pm

PICKED UP for Animal Sanctuary Society by Charlotte T.


Passengers:  vetted, with health certificates, currently in boarding or foster

and Sending Locations: 


1.  Winston, MN basset/bloodhound mix, 4 yo, 65+ lbs, recently recovered from HW treatment

…  from Dog Club of Wilmington in Wilmington, NC

2.  Buddy, MN black & white border collie mix, 1.5 yo, 32 lbs

3.  Archie, MN orange & white jack russell mix, 2 yo, 25 lbs

4.  Claire, FS black & white spaniel/border collie mix, 7-8 mo, 22 lbs

…  above 3 dogs thru Laura Roberts in Cary, NC


Receiving Rescue:  (Winston)

The Rescue Express


Ann Crumb, Christine Risley, & Patti Power


Receiving Rescue:  (Buddy, Archie, & Claire)

Animal Sanctuary Society

Mt Laurel, NJ


Charlotte Tran

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